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You seem like a smart cookie. I'm sure you will do great in whatever field you choose to get into.

I've particularly enjoyed reading your discussion and references on insulin resistance and associated factors. I've been posting on these boards for quite some time - usually in the High Cholesterol, Diabetes, and Diet and Nutrition forums. It all comes down to good nutrition and eating a diet appropriate for your genetics in my opinion.

If you are interested in reading similar lines of thought, you might do a search for board member "Oldguy". He had some interesting posts in the Acne forum several years ago, but I did a search and couldn't find them, so I suspect the threads were purged from the database after several years of inactivity.

Regarding insulin resistance and Type II diabetes, I highly recommend the book "Protein Power" by Dr. Michael Eades. It is a well referenced book with the focus on improving health and losing excess weight through a low carbohydrate, moderate protein diet based on whole natural foods. There is also quite a bit of discussion on essential fatty acids including Omega 6 (proinflammatory) and Omega 3 (anti-inflammatory) and how most western diets are too high in Omega 6 (mostly from vegetable oils) and way too low in Omega 3 (mostly from cold water fish). If I remember correctly (it has been a few years since I read the book cover to cover and my copy is currently loaned out), Dr. Eades does discuss acne and the benefits associated with his diet regimen, the primary one being unprocessed foods, lower Omega 6 and higher Omega 3 intake, and lower insulin levels.


Alan, thank you for those kinds words. I actually do have that book and the cookbook (which I don't use)! It was reccommended to me by a medical student who follows the same train of thought and actually at that time, he was studying inflammation in the laboratory and thought that acne could be some sort of offshoot of rheumatoid arthritis (also linked to an androgen disorder). So it is fascinating how inflammation can be linked to hormones. I recently finally understood why I had read on a body building forum that estrogen could be inflammatory when I came across some articles involving middle-aged men (going through andropause) that had high levels of pro-inflammatory estrogen in their sinovial fluid (joints). Well why not, if DHT & Estradiol are both the potent forms in their class, and their presence can initate events that bring forth IGF-1 to grow cells (or tumors) that can initiate inflammatory events, than why wouldn't they both lead to inflammation(duh) ;-)

Say, since you post on the other boards, do you have diabetes and if so, how do you manage it? Protein Power? I'll definately have to check out the other forums to read your posts, but especially the nutrition one.