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Hi All: You are all right on your assesments of boron. You need to be careful with it if you are taking hormones though. Boron can raise you estradiol/testosterone levels, so if you are taking hormones with it have your levels checked. Since boron can simulate hormone action, in the body, it can cause an increase in the "chance" of getting breast/uterine cancer or cysts.

I take boron and have a low count on estradiol, plus I also take a low dose of hormones. I'm being checked more often for uterine and breast probs because of the hormones I take and have my hormone level tested every couple of months.

The FDA hasn't approved the amount that an individual should take, but from what I've read you're all right on the amount (3 mg), except I've heard of taking up to 10 mgs, but I can't recommend that to anyone at this point. Most good multiples have some boron in it, and I also take it for osteoarthritis, which we all know is closely linked to osteoporosis. I can't say it's doing anything for the joint pain, but I've heard others claim it helps.

Good luck to you all....:)