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When you started trying for your baby, were you on birth control pills for a length of time and then got off of them? There is a very strong probability that your problems can be of hormonal imbalance and you need to balance out your system again by either getting back on to b/c or other options. It is very common around/after childbirth to have your hormones out of whack and your symptoms sound exactly like mine before I started taking estradiol supplementation. Give it a try and don't let your doctor tell you it can't be hormone related (especially if it is a MALE doctor who has no clue about hormone imbalance).
I know exactly how that is Maria - I used to have only 1 or 2 days a month where I would feel "almost" normal, and the rest of the days like dying. It is just absolutely terrible!

Ask your OB/GYN doc to order you a hormone panel blood test that tests your levels of estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone. Then after you get the results you can do a little research on what the results mean and if your levels are low, etc.

My blood tests indicated low estradiol, so the stuff I am taking is called "Divigel". It comes in various doses and I am on the lowest dose at .25 (it comes in little premade packets of gel). I apply one in the morning and one at night for a total of .50mg estradiol.

But your test may be something totally different - maybe your progesterone is off or testosterone. There are supplements for that too, one of them being the natural progesterone cream that is actually available over the counter. That really helps some women too, balance things out.

Let me know how it goes!