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missy...it's funny you mention that because i am right smack in the middle of that crap this week. i did ask my ob/gyn about it, and she pretty much didn't think that my kinda condition would be caused by hormone levels or birth control...whatever

I warn people about this from the very get-go because like I said before, OB/GYN physician's are not very knowledgeable about hormones, period. They deliver babies and do surgeries, and the rest of that stuff. I read somewhere that the training that is covered on hormones for physicians is miniscule - tiny. Don't get me wrong - they are the correct type of doc you should be seeing for hormones - but you have to enlighten them. Do your research first, and bring in your ammo with you. You must ask for a hormone panel to view your estradiol (most importantly), testosterone and progesterone levels. Demand that test! Take the test on the 1st or 2nd day after you start your period. Then take it from there.

The other message site that I hang out on that deals specifically with menopause has SO many ladies that have shared similar stories about feeling exactly we describe in here. Even younger women. And yes, they also report physician's who just poo-poo their notion of hormones being able to make us feel like we are dying. But why would that be such a crazy notion when it is hormones that keep us alive?

I also read - sidenote for guys - they are finding that testosterone deficiency is a culprit of migraine.

When she did my hormone test, everything came back fine except for testosterone..... which was low.


Hmm, that is interesting! Oh, and another thing you have to be careful about when dealing with this hormone stuff - "everything came back fine" is a standard answer given by the docs. My doc told me I was "within normal range". I did some research and yes, I suppose I was in the range, but the very very LOW end which can still indicate some deficiency. The range for estradiol is insane:

15 - 350 = pre-menopause
<10 = post menopause

My level was 27. So yes, I was still within that magical "range", but give me a break! The range is so varied and vast for the pre-meno, and so small for the post-meno, you would think it would be obvious that 27 indicates a trend towards low estrogen (my latest test was at 21).

Anyway, sorry on the rant - just more doctors makin' me mad...