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Hi Osteo: I forgot to mention that what I'm taking is Activella, not the patch you mentioned and it's not a bio iden.

I see the Dr at LLU on Friday, so I'm going to continue with the amount of D3 that I'm taking now and see what she say's. I'll let you know about the hormones, why they do ionized Ca, instead of total, and all the other stuff when I get some answers. There's a link on this board to a bio iden site that I was just reading and of course they say that those type of hormones don't cause cancer, so who knows.:confused:

The compounding pharm was probably giving me his op, but he also gave me a book to read about it. It's a very interesting book, but it's also about how women are treated in the male dominated medical field. This Dr is female, and has done some studies on bio iden, but they aren't published yet. She did this on her patients over a 5 year period, but the main hormone they used was estriol, not estradiol like I take.

You are right about women who are post meno, because what happens is our ovaries stop producing hormones, so I guess many are estrogen deficient. Since I've been going through this a long time mine is at 9, and I can't remember what the normal range is for my age/meno status, except that number is really low. I hate giving up the other benefits of estrogen, because I'm seeing a tremendous increase in my facial skin. My wrinkles, dark circles and dry skin are almost gone. My hair has really thickened, and my moods are less eratic, and then there's the incredible sleep. Oh well, I guess none of that is important if you have to worry about cancer.

Thanks for the equation on D, If I figured it correctly, I would need to take 3000 IU's "extra" to get up to 50 ngs.