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I can't believe it, but a new dr (neurootologist) just told me yesterday that I have MAV, or actually some kind of migraine triad involving anxiety, vertigo, and headaches. My headaches are rather bad, but I didn't think they were migraines. Meanwhile, I have been dizzy for the past 12 weeks. It was much worse at first...it seemed so much like a VN attack...I'm so confused about this!

(She said my ear/water test showed no vestibular damage, so I either never had VN or had a very mild case...) Is it possible the test is not conclusive?

This dr. prescribed a low dose of Paxil. Do you have any thoughts on this? I know I'm also supposed to avoid all kinds of foods and she said I should exercise, too, even though I feel quite horrid!

I am just amazed at this diagnosis...how can such a thing strike out of nowhere? Does MAV go away? I am wondering whether or not to take the meds or to try some natural approach...

Thank you for any and all thoughts on this...

It is truly bewildering how and why migraines attack at a later stage in life. It is especially prevalent in women who are in their late 30's to 50's, when our hormones are going wacky and our ovaries and such are shutting down due to menopause. There are SO many women who I have spoken to who are going through the exact same thing as we describe in here - sudden dizziness, fatigue, headaches (not always), nausea, etc. It is like we are going through life just fine and all of sudden we hit a brick wall - WHAM. It is amazing what hormonal imbalance can do.

Now, what to do about it! Yes, you can try migraine medication. Preventive migraine medication works about 50% of the time, but there are sometimes undesireable side effects. Abortive medications (take med only when a headache occurs) work well for some people. Frovatriptan is supposed to work well for menstrual migraines - migraines that only occur right before, during and right after your cycle. THere are hundreds of migraine meds out there.

I am not going the migraine med route myself (yet). I am instead going the HRT route and taking a lose dose estradiol gel called "Divigel" once in the morning, plus taking some OTC Progesterone cream (Progest). This seems to be helping with the frequency and severity of the migraines. I also have no anxiety or insomnia anymore, which is wonderful.

I still need to carry around with me "Ativan" for times when I feel especially horrid (dizzy) and vicodin for headache pain. But at least I don't need to use these as often as I did when I hit the infamous brick wall a year ago. Phew!

Another options is getting on the birth control pill to regulate your hormones.

It will get better believe it or not. It seems horrible right now, but eventually our systems will regulate and get used to "the change", but for now we are in ever fluctuation hormonal madness. Don't get discouraged if the Paxil doesn't work. I have found that there is no one magic pill to take care of this, but a little of each different things. Get enough sleep, drink water, lay off of too much alcohol. I don't know about the food so much. Our main culprit in my opinion is HORMONES. I am finding that I can eat a little more flexibly than a regular migraineur's diet, but I don't go overboard. I wouldn't eat pizza or chinese food - too scared!!

Talk to your OB/GYN about doing something about your migraines caused by hormonal fluctuations. Or you can experiment with some of the abortive migraine meds. I hear that "Midrin" is a nice one that doesn't cause too many side effects. Again, I have not tried any migraine meds (yet), but I have been tempted when I have a doozy of a headache. Be careful though for REBOUND. Some people become to dependent on the abortive meds and take too much, which can cause rebound headaches.
I am 36 now...still have regular periods...does this usually mean the hormones are slowing down a bit? That is a bit sad for me, as I was still considering the possibility of another baby. Still, now I would just be thankful to feel well enough to care properly for my current children!
Perimenopause (the time before actual menopause) can occur for YEARS. It is not uncommon for symptoms to start in your 30's. But this does not mean that you cannot have more children! It just means that your body is changing and your hormones along with it. In fact, if you have young children, this can also be a cause for the hormone fluctuations. I am 40 right now and have a 2 year old. About one year after her birth is when this thing HIT me hard. I am sure I can still get pregnant - I am still having periods too - but they are starting to be a little weird now. Last month I skipped one all together, and when it did happen, it was short and light.

You can definitely have more children - in fact, you might notice you feel quite excellent during pregnancy when you have lots of estradiol (estrogen) in your body! I love that stuff!! ;)
I might get my hormone levels tested to see if that is at work here, if those tests can reflect a problem like this. More subtle fluctuations might not show up, I'm not sure...

Have them tested the first or second day that your period starts. Have the estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, and thyroids tested. They may be in the so-called "normal" range, but check if they are on the low side of the range.

YES, I seriously thought I was dying. I went the ER TWICE, had CT Scan, balance tests, ALL of that stuff. I thought I had a brain tumor. All tests showed normal and clear. Sheesh!