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[QUOTE=JohnUK;3444122]Hi Mrytle,

I need to find a competent doc first, I don't know how some docs become docs to be honest with you.

What is hydrops? Have you tried any treatments for your Patulous ET?

I have read Libs posts but it is unclear as to how exactly her surgeries have helped her because she does'nt mention in detail! How does tensor tympani and stapedial muscles cause autophony, from what I have read on the internet, these muscles control the movement of the eardrum, acting as shock absorbers, I can only imagine that if you cut these muscles, they are no longer working as shock absorbers, making your eardrums move uncontrolably and can make symptoms worse? I guess only Lib and other people who have had this op can explain to us.

hydrops means (I am just a patient, do your own research) accumulation of excessive fluid - in my case 'cochlear hydrops' which is the part of the inner ear that regulates hearing. In the case of typical Meniere's, it is endolymphatic hydrops and that is in another portion of the inner ear and affects both hearing and balance (vertigo). I really have not attempted to learn the anatomy of the ear so you ought to get familiar with that. There are places on the web devoted to specific disorders where you might find some good summaries. I believe they diagnose hydrops both through audiogram (fluctuating low frequency hearing loss is typical) and a test called an ecog. But mostly there is nothing definitive and it is about the dr's judgement.

I know nothing about the myoclonus except what I read here. It doesn't seem to be common.

I tried the estradiol nose spray (rx) for the patulous eustachian tube and it made mine worse (if indeed it is what I have). It seems like both my hearing and autophony are somehow made better and worse by weather.

Some of the things that make it seem like it is PET are that it goes away if I stand bent over with my head completely upside down and it gets worse temporarily with any kind of exercise. If you can hear your breathing in your ear I think it is likely that and if it is bad enough the drs can see it when they look in your ear and have you breath holding one nostril closed. Mine does not show up with that, but that doesn't rule it out. With Meniere's having so many variable and wierd symptoms it is hard to sort these things out. I think the reverberations I get of low frequency sounds confuses and magnifies all kinds of sounds internal and external. In short I have no idea what is going on with me except it came on suddenly and it has been diagnosed as atypical Meniere's. (hearing loss only, no vertigo).

One of the other things associated with pet is weight loss preceding it. For some people it resolves on its own and for some people regaining the weight helps. (I tried that, lol). For some people who have autophony, if you need to raise your voice but can't take the noise, you can put your finger lightly in the problem ear when you speak and it will cut it down. I do this sometimes. Do not block off the ear, just let it rest lightly against the outer ear cartilege. Seems to cut down the reverberation.

Good luck.