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[QUOTE=dizzyandsad;3560767]i had mac and cheese tonight the cheap box stuff is that going to cause an issue is it even real cheese?

D&S - The general rule of thumb for finding boxed/pre-packaged foods that would pass the "Heal Your Headache" standards is "the LESS INGREDIENTS the better". Although I don't have a box of Mac and Cheese in front of me, I would bet that it has a HUGE list of ingredients with strange names. This should right away tip you off to stay away (according to that book).

That being said, not everyone agrees with "that book" and the author's complete STICTNESS on dietary restrictions. I remember hbep saying she couldn't stick with the diet because she found herself going to bed hungry because she couldn't find anything to eat that passed his standards. This is SO true. And then you feel guilty because you sneak in a piece of bread that has a no-no ingredient in it, just to stop the hunger. It is really really over the top. I used to be a big proponent of the book as my previous posts will show. I am no longer.

What I would suggest doing is staying away from the WELL KNOWN obvious triggers for a month or so, and then slowly reintroduce them one at a time to see if they are okay. You may be fine with eating yogurt! Someone else may not be.

For starters, just stay away from the well known triggers, which sounds like you are already doing (beer, wine, aged cheese, chocolate, caffeine, MSG (chinese food and stuff with lots of sauces), pizza (because of highly processed meats and high salt content), aspartame.

One of the MAIN triggers for women outside of food is HORMONE fluctuations. This is probably the MAIN cause in women actually. So you may be barking up the wrong tree trying to control your migraines with food restrictions only. You seriously may want to consider a low dose birth control pill that will even out your hormones, or you can try applying a estradiol patch like Vivelle dot only around "that time" of the month to help lessen the DIP of estradiol that occurs during that time and subsequently triggers the migraine.