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I am now joining the ranks of those who are done with forteo.:) I am glad. I actually feel that my body is relieved. It was a stressor. I know for those with big gains the stressor part of the injection must seem minor. The daily shot was not painful but my body and mind recoiled from it .Anyone have any withdrawal effects?
I am quitting after approx. 18 mo. , doc said maybe a booster of forteo at some time in the future , also probably evista at some time in the future.Next dexa in a few months. Last dexa showed about 9% increase at hips and about 8% decrease in spine-but new specialist doesn't accept the loss at spine, said she thinks it is more like half of that after looking at films and some due to positioning. She is an expert at reading dexa anomalies. She thinks meno just kept ripping through spine.
For now vivelle dot .05 3 months then prometrium for 10 days. This is a work in progress. PCP had first scripted a lower dose of vivelle dot but bone spec. upped it .
I have aged sooo much since meno-I always wondered if it was hypothyroid or meno or both. Now with getting estrogen up I will see what changes. And, yes, I am very concerned about the risks. But, I am going with what the bone spec. recommends.And, I am overjoyed not to be touching a bisphos. again.I had taken fosamax for 7 wks. before forteo and lost my sense of taste. Everything tasted off. Really took away any interest in eating. The bone spec. said she has heard of this happening to some.
DB-if you are out there will you look at the vivelle dot info for doctors-it shows how bone density increases for the various doses of vivelle dot. With the .05 I think she is just trying to stave off losses-which is something. But the .1 dose up ,is really significant in terms of bone gain. I wonder why they did not go for that or the .075? Likely the risk / reward profile. I would love to hear your assessment of the bone info. it is in the prescribing info-I am sure you can find it.I am going to talk to the bone doc's asst next week about at least being scripted the .075. Any thoughts on the dosing? The prescribing info indicates what level of estradiol you have at what dose. Can you tell me again what level you were at estradiol on HRT? I think now that your HRT actually helped you get your incredible gains. My bone spec. did not seem to like my super high ntx. Maybe your HRT lowered your ntx and allowed you to keep your gains instead of such rapid turnover. Just a thought , from someone who hasn't a clue.
Also, DB-how soon did you start to feel the plus of estrogen?
No easy decisions once you have osteoporosis .
And, the bone spec. has hopes for new bone building drugs coming down the pike--though I asked her and it was not denosumab that she was talking about.
Hi Osteo: I'm glad you're happy about stopping the Forteo!!! Maybe that will give your body and mind one less thing to worry about. My last day on Forteo was today, so we'll see what happens. I was hoping for a small amount of weight loss but who knows;) I've been joking that it would be nice to loose 10 pounds and some of the flab, but that would put me below the recommended bmi.

I'll look into the things you asked and get back to you, better to give you an informed answer instead of an uninformed one-right?

I don't know if the HRT had an effect with the bone gain, but I suppose anything is possible. I started on the HRT 3 mos before my last dxa with the gains so is that possible to have an effect that fast??? Maybe... I don't know if your Dr will do this, but usually they start you on one dose, and then check your hormone level after a mo and then adjust the dose depending on your increases. Mine was actually change 3 times.

I'll let you know what I find out later on. Oh I was on 1 mg of estradiol and 0.5 of norethrindrone acetate, after starting out at 1/3rd of that for 3 weeks. I noticed the HRT about 1 1/2 mos into the treatment after I was taking a whole pill every day instead of 1 pill every 2 days, then 1 every other until I did 1 pill a day.

Talk to you later... If you read this before 5:51 pm I changed something that I forgot on the dosing.
[FONT="Georgia"][COLOR="Navy"]Hi Osteo... I read the data on Vivelle and it sounds really good. All four of the doses increased bmd at the lumbar spine, compared to the group on a placebo, which decreased.

I'm not sure why your Dr chose the dosage that they did, other than it's usually to start off at a lower dose of estradiol and increase later on after another hormone panel is done.

Did you read the part about how Vivelle effects your TBG level? I'm sure you did, and I'm wondering if that has anything to do with the dosing they chose. Make sure they watch your thyroid levels while you're on this...I didn't know that estradiol had that type of effect on free T3 and T4. I was also interested in what it said on hypercalcemia. However, the hypercalcemia reference was for those with cancer, so I don't know if that totally eliminates the contraindication for those without cancer. My OBGYN was aware of my hypercalcemia and he never mentioned anything about HRT having an effect on calcium levels.

I'd be surprised if they didn't raise the dose after your next hormone check, unless there is some contraindication with your particular thyroid levels.

Anyway, I think the literature sounds really good. The only advice I would give you is to watch for any changes in your breast tissue and also your uterine/ovary status.

Since your estradiol was less than 20, they are probably looking for an increase to at least 50, but that's just a guess:confused:

Today was my first day on Evista... it was strange not having to give myself the shot, and I don't have a feeling about it one way or the other yet.

Good luck and let us know how this all goes. If you find out anything about the TBG changing, let me know okay???:angel::angel:

DB-Thanks for taking a look. To me the info looked good as well. I have ordered Dr. Susan Love's book on menopause and hrt, so will have more info soon. Just looking now on the net and can't find much about what estradiol (E2) level the docs look to get you up to for bone protection. One place mentioned 50, as you did, but also said better at 60. And for younger women up to 100. I do not think I qualify as younger woman in early meno.
How soon after you started hrt did you have your next hormone panel done? Do you know what level your doc was looking for? Also do you recall what level you were at pre-hrt and then what level you got up to?
I am 5 days in and don't feel much of anything different, I suppose it's a bit early :) I seem to recall that you said you felt better pretty soon after starting.
When you did your research on evista did the bone protection aspect look similar to vivelle dot info (i know vivelle is not unique as an estradiol, it is just what we have both looked at in terms of data)
And yes, I expect my thyroid dose is going to have to be increased based on what I have read. Will have to talk to the endo and get tested when she thinks she can judge effect of the estradiol. Of course, I also wonder if the estrogen is going to grow the thyroid nodules.
I am puzzled in what I read about ultra low dose estradiol being marketed for osteoporosis prevention like a menostar.014--if you extrapolate from the vivelle info, it would seem that that level would be equivalent to a placebo and not be worth it. What is your take on that?
About the dose--pcp scripted .0375 and the bone spec. moved it up to .05 and scripted 3 months, maybe she has plans at that time to reconsider dose? She also mentioned a booster of forteo for 3 mo. in a yr. --I wonder then if I would continue on hrt for that time? I suppose so. I am still as perplexed by all of this as I ever have been-and that is very perplexed!
How is the evista going so far? I hope it goes well for you. Sorry to hear that it seems that you now have more pain. Do you use a hot tub, jacuzzi type of bath?
ps-did a look at" hrt equivalencies"--and found that .05 estradiol patch is equivalent to 1.0 estradiol oral. If you are interested ,it is an easy find . But cautioned there are various qualifications to this. Anyway, how long were you on the hrt?