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:)Bone buddies-
When you have hashimoto's thyroiditis , your thyroid has been given a death notice and the day of reckoning gets closer everyday. Within a period of time, varies for everybody, the thyroid will be killed off by the tpo antibodies . My tpo antibodies are very industrious and numerous and they have really been going at it .My present 75/88(alt. days) dose of synthroid will probably be increase by 25 mcg when the thyroid has totally been destroyed by the antibodies . And, there is no chance this will not happen. So, with thyroid replacement you just have to be sure not to take too much or you go hyperthyroid and lose bone. So your doc monitors your levels regularly and you just have to watch it that you stay balanced at a nice mid point not hypo , not hyper.The hard time is when the thyroid is dying because it doesn't just fade off gradually, the destruction is in fits and starts. And alot of monitoring needs to be done and other meds, supplements, illnesses can block/enhance absorption of synthroid so its a delicate balance.
Now wanting /getting the TT just means that maybe next month or so, I will go up to what will be my full dose around 120. Because I will have no thyroid tissue putting out thyroid hormone.And, even if I only had one lobe removed, and had one lobe left, that remaining lobe is going to die totally probably within some 2-3 yrs. So, I would then have to be on the total replacement dose just at a later date.
Yes, the doc could take out the lobe on the right where the 3plus cm. mass is adjacent to. And she could leave the left lobe with the 3 nodules that are now sub centimeter. But, if those nodes on the remaining lobe grow over 1cm and a biopsy is done and they are cancerous or questionable then later that lobe would have to go too. I have read that if they take one lobe and later have to go back in for the other , you have increased your risk of damage to the parathyroid glands and the laryngeal nerve( meaning you may lose your voice totally or partially). In any event , I say why not get rid of the rt. lobe and its mass which looks like it's going to happen and while in there take off the left. Because the left lobe is going to die anyway and not produce any thyroid hormone because the antibodies are going to keep attacking whatever thyroid tissue is there until they have completed their work-which is total destruction of the thyroid.(if someone does not have hashimoto's and has a nodule on a lobe, and other lobe ok--then of course just take out the problem node or lobe and leave the rest to function---but hashimoto's takes no prisoners everybody (both lobes) have got to die.
I hope I explained this clearly.
DB-IF and it is a big IF---if I am handling this any better than 3 months ago, it is because I have been there and done that before--the total freak out---
It is like ground I have already covered. But, when I go to the oncologists office, that will be new and I am sure there are still some things that I am going to have push my fear buttons .
Now maybe it is the estrogen helping too. I told you I had the vivelle dot just raised from .05 to .075. They did an estradiol , 3 wks into the .05 dose and I still had less than 20 estradiol. So, I am so glad the dose has been raised. I will have it checked again in a few weeks. You know it seems to go fast into your system and fast out. Apparently, within 24 hrs. of removing a patch you are back at your estradiol base line. So, having it checked in a few weeks seems ok. The gyn said she wants me somewhere near 80-100 estradiol. Nothing decided yet on the progesterone part. At 3 months she will check to see if my atrophied uterus could then take a progesterone iud. Apparently that is a way to get a low dose with less systemic effects. But, she will have to see if I am ready then. Well, too much on that. But, I still hope that the estrogen could help my bones---at least from a fracture if not by actually increasing bmd.
I hope I didn't go too far with these explanations.
I hope I can hold it together a little bit better this time around. And, like I say, I have learned alot from my good bone buds here and my thryoid buddies too. And, spending time at the drs or at the hosp really brings home alot of realities about living with a body.

ps-taking a suppression dose is taking an over dose where you would go hyper and yes, you would lose bone and yes , you may shrink your nodules--but for us the cost is not worth it.
and, I do not think they will biopsy at less than 1cm.