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I read the abstract of an article titled "Effect of exercise on serum estrogens in post menopausal women.... " The research article was published a few years ago. They found that serum estrogen levels decreased when the exercise resulted in loss of body fat. The amount of serum estrogen decline in this group that lost body fat was over 10%(in a 12 mo study). The abstract concludes with..the association between increased phys. activity and reduction in risk of post menopausal breast cancer may be attributed in part to the effect of exercise on serum estrogens.
We seem backed into a "Sophie's Choice" situation in a way --
exercise will decrease serum estrogens ,and decrease risk of breast cancer OR
decrease exercise,have more body fat and have higher estrogen levels and..... I believe decrease risk of osteoporosis or osteoporotic fracture.This study didn't go into the osteoporosis angle ....but I believe we know the decreased estrogen levels increase risk of osteoporosis. It seems well established as this is a treatment for osteoporosis.
I know that someone here recently put up an article about women with post menopausal osteoporosis have lower breast cancer risk-- seems estrogen is the factor at play
I think that most of this info is known to people on this board, but just wanted to mention the research article and lament the bind we are in.
For me, now on hrt for my bones after forteo-the breast cancer risk is increased .
I continue to exercise ,what I think is alot by most standards and this prob. explained my nonexistent estradiol level and why it is taking a larger dose of estrogen to make a change in my levels.
In a way it is interesting to see how these pieces interplay--on a personal level it comes down to not so great choices.
Hi...i posted on here a very long time ago...i was and am a
dancer for50 years and have always pushed the envelope. I
would not be considered thin but i look like a dancer with that type of body...after menopause....i started to bleed again and
was offered HRT rather than do a D and C. I chose the HRT
and the bleeding stopped and i was on this up until i started
to bleed again and their was the scare regarding this med and
the doc pulled me off. I had at least 6 uternine biopsies done
and it just showed a thicker lining but that was it. So i went
from a lot of estrogen to nothing and never thought anything
about it until i needed a hip resurface and i needed a bone
density test and i laughed when they said i had not even
moderate, but severe osteoporosis! -3.5 in femur...started
fosamax and went through the surgery with flying colors
never had a fracture in my life and the head of the femur
was as hard as a rock...so am off fosamax and yes the lack
to estrogen and no body fat contributed to the ostoporosis
but i have no symptoms...no fractures...big bones and little body...maybe their bone mineral density sucks but their bone integrity or structure is rock solid...thanks to all of that dance....i use a estring for estrogen in the vaginal area
since i had atropic vaginitis and no doc diagnosed this...it
was something older women had to live with...ha! The ring
works like a charm, but they would not give me estradiol
i think because of uterine cancer as well as heart problems.
Many of my friends are on it, but i will just continue to plod
away doing pilates and dance....Karen