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Royalgirl5 and jmspdg
I had a mastectomy for DCIS in August 2002. I am small breasted to begin with and there was a small cluster of microcalcifications on the right side of the right breast. The biopsey showed DCIS. Since I had radiation as a kid to the thymus gland the oncologist radiologist said it was chancy doing it again as they did not measure the radiation back then (I am 66) and another dose would affect the lungs......so I had a mastectomy. Well, although it only showed up in that one spot THE WHOLE BREAST WAS FULL. The surgeon was shocked as well and said it was a good thing I opted for the mastectomy. I had a 1 centimeter clear margin which isn't much - they like wider ones but what can you do. I did not take Tamoxifin either. So far, so good but who knows. What I have to watch for is a lump on my chest. The surgeon said she felt it was all encapsalated in the ducts and she got it all but a couple of cells could have escaped. I now have severe osteoporosis and have been on Evista (raloxifine) but still going down bone wise and can not take anything else. They took me off HRT when I was diagnosed with the BC but was actually thinking of begging the docs for a script -- it kept my bones good. I can't get anyone to prescribe it and don't want to die of osteo either. However, I don't want a greater chance of getting the BC back either so what do you do???? The surgeon said esp. if I took the HRT it could come back as aggresive/invasive.

Right now both of you sound like you can beat this thing. I can't tell you what to do but I really think after my experience of the mammogram not picking it up in the rest of the breast, the mastectomy is the way to go. Who really knows what is in there. It's not like a lump you can feel unfortunately so you know exactly where it is. Good luck to both of you in whatever decision you make. I hope they get it all.