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I feel so bad for you and hope that somehow miraculasly (spelling) you will be cured. I had a mastectomy in 2002 and try not to think about BC but I guess it could always still be around hiding somewhere in the body waiting to show itself. I did not have radiation - had it on the thymus as a kid and oncologist said you can't do it 2x to the same area- it would damage the lung. I did not take Tamoxifen but a year after the surgery I found out my bones went down 33% and was put on Raloxifene (Evista) which is not doing much. I went down another 3%. The HRT was what was keeping my bones good despite a long period of steroids for Crohn's disease in 2001. I have been thinking about HRT again since I can't take the other osteo drugs but no one will give it to me because of the BC. I don't want to die of osteo either. I already broke my collarbone opening the car door into it and a rib from doing nothing. Don't know what to do - which poison to pick if they even allow me to pick one. Bless you. I am praying for you.