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Hi Rodica, My mother and her sister, my aunt, both have survived Breast Cancer.
Neither one went to the Brain Matastases stage.
They are both on maintenance meds with Evista and doing well.
I am posting a link to Johns Hopkins Medicine Sterotactic Radio Surgery. There is a good article on Breast Cancer Brain Metastases. You will be glad to know that the control rate of the problem is
80% to 90%.
So that's hopeful news.

The biggest thing about having family with Breast Cancer is that we all have to look at all possible outcomes and still remain hopeful.
Cancer is an odd disease and it's very important to keep a really positive attitude during the healing process.
Trust me on that one.
So chin up and put on a smile for your mom and be the best support you can be.
Cancer effects everyone in the family.
Take care and if you need an ear, here we are.
I usually answer over on the womans board so if you need to vent talk or sort with someone who knows the daughter end of things you can pick up a thread over there since I don't come by here much.