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Hi Bethesba, thanks for the support. yes, I can give you more details. It started back in September of '07 when she was complaining of severe stomach pains and the doctor diagnosed her with H Pylori and GERD. He put her on Nexium, CIPRO and was on Omeprazole as well. These are all stomach meds and she started on them in March '07. In April she was put on Phenazopyridine for her frequent Urinary Track Infections, which she got probably once a quarter for the last two years. In May he put her prednizone (not sure what that was for). In October just as the anxiety attacks started coming, she started taking Tetracycline for her H Pylori. The doctor put her on samples of Lexapro for the anxiety/depression as well as 1.5mg Xanax per day and she was taking Metoclopramide HCL for Stomach problems. When she complained that the anxiety wasn't going away and the stomach problems weren't resolved, he increased her Xanax to 3mg per day(double!). She was only 117lbs and 5'2". Petite little thing! While visiting one day, she was so lethargic and couldn't speak, so I took her to the hospital (it was a Saturday and her doc wasn't available). She was told that she was on too much Xanax and gave her fluids. The Nurse Practitioner in the ER said to stop taking the Xanax immediately and that she needed to see a Psychiatrist. (we had an appt. for the next day). She was in the ER all day and I am guessing went through withdrawal...by the time we got home that evening, she was angry, talking about secrets she had kept from our family all my life, almost suicidal. We took her to the Psych ER at the hospital and she was so violent that we had to Baker Act her and she tried to kill herself because they put her in a very small room and she is VERY claustrophobic. The Psychiatrist in the hospital the next day (without taking a family history by the way) diagnosed my mom as Schizophrenic! Say what???? We were apalled and totally helpless. Now she was locked up and they started giving her Haldol, Geodon, Prolixin Dec, not to mention Folvite (not sure why) and Prilosec, Nexium, Pepto Bismol, Mylanta!!! The list goes on and on. She went crazy after a week of being on all that stuff! This lady (aside from the stomach meds she started taking in '07) had never had to take medicines for depression, anxiety, never showed any signs of being Schizophrenic, etc.

AFter two weeks of being in that place, we got her in to see another pyschiatrist and he took her off the Geodon and Haldol and put her on Risperdal, Ambien for sleep, Klonipin for anxiety. Nothing, I repeat nothing even touched her shaking and nervousness. She has been in and out of hosoitals even through December. She was admitted on the Neurology ward for one week and had CT scan and MRI and saw a psychologist while there. They left there not knowing any more than going in. She was diagnosed with depression. While taking the Klonipin, she started losing some cognitive function (she insisted that the frozen meals were raw and that she didn't know how to cook them in the microwave). After telling her it was already cooked, she kept arguing with me...but how do I know it's cooked??? That was the first sign of memory loss. Her next Psychiatrist claimed that the Klonipin has been making her lose her memory and then prescribed Paxil for her anxiety. BIG MISTAKE!!! She then went ballistic and told my sister that the voices told her she had to kill her. We panicked and got her doctor to admit her into a different hospital for her safety. She was there or two weeks and was put on Seroquel and many other meds for her hallucinations, etc. He then diagnosed her with Psychotic Depression. When she got out of there, we never heard from him again. He didn't know what to do with her. So now we have her at an ALF and she is depending on people to cook for her. She still has the ability to toilet, bathe, eat, etc. on her own. In april she was taken off ALL meds for a month to see what her body would do. The shaking continued and her speach got very quiet. She does play with my children, but very limited. She likes to play the same games that she knows. She walks about 5 feet behind me and walks very slowly. She kind of walks like a duck.

After seeing a neurologist for a month, she ordered a PET scan to determine if the dementia is Lewy Body Dementia or Alzheimers. The PET scan indicated early onset Alzheimers. I guess the PET scan uses metabolism of sugar and the levels based on her PET scan showed Alzheimers.

I am not convinced because she doesn't seem to have a memory problem. She has some cognitive problems, like she forgets to lock the door, she walks in front of people and isn't conversational at all. She is like a zombie.

If you could have seen her last year...she was a 65 year old vivacious woman who drove a sporty car, worked for herself. Completely independent and lived for her grandbabies!!! She absolutely LOVED life! Now, a year later, her anxiety isn't any better and she shakes all day. Complete misery. If this is Alzheimers, why aren't any of the Benzodiazepines working. By the way, she is also on Exelon to help with memory (an Alzheimers drug). Why isn't anything helping her????

I am not willing to stand by and watch her in misery every day because nobody wanted to test her for B12. It may not be the problem, but how can I not have her tested???

Sorry about such a long post, but maybe someone will read this and have an idea that I may not know about. Thanks for reading!

Hi Bethsheba. I am curious to know what you have in mind, but I will be patient and wait for what you have to say. To answer your questions...the shaking and nervousness began after she left the mental hospital at the end of October. It has never gone away. When we started seeing her 3rd Psychiatrist, he said her shaking and slowed hunched walk was a condition from side efffects of medication called Akathisia and that it would go away in time. It never has. She does stop shaking for very short periods of time which is why her Neurologist didn't think it was Parkinson. Parkinsons shaking is involuntary and continues repeatedly without stopping. Also, she is currently on Xanax 3mg per day
Atenolol for her pulse rate (it was 152 last month, BP fine)
Exelon 4.5mg 2 per day
Ambien 10mg at bedtime

I think that's it.

I asked her this morning if she felt any tingling or numbness in her arms and legs and she feels no pain, but when she is laying in bed, her hands fall asleep or go numb.

I wish you could see her...she just sits and trembles all day (unless she has something to occupy her hands to make the shaking stop.

I didn't contact the alzheimers assoc. because I didn't know who to contact, but I have been going to a support group for caregivers of AD patients and they gave me a booklet that talks about symptoms and moms seem to be intermittent and all over the spectrum. Like her slowed speech and lack of emotion is like end stages, but she is still ambulatory and eats and toilets herself. I don't know...I just want a clear answer...if there is one.