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I am feeling more and more lucky as I read of the trials many of us have gone thru before being diagnosed. My GP listened to my complaints of exhaustion and foot neuropathy, did some blood tests in the office and that very day said she thought it might be lupus and sent me off to rheumatologist.

His office did a 1.5 hour interview with me, going over every itch and ache I'd ever experienced in my entire life! Then I met him & he went over the interview material again. He asked if I “wanted a diagnosis of lupus?” Plaquenil & Feldene & a receipt with the lupus diagnosis code on it!

Now, however, I need to change insurance and find myself labeled “Warning! Pre-existing Lupus! Do not insure!” or so you would think.

In retrospect, it might have been smarter to stick with the diagnosis of “undifferentiated gobble-de-gook”, just from the insurance angle. As long as I get treatment & feel better….????

Just food for thought.