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I was diagnosed with RA at 21, and am now 44 years old. My doctor at Cleveland Clinic started with the basic anti-inflammatories (feldene, then naprosyn, etc.). However, the summer going into my senior year of college, my feet took a bad turn. When it became very difficult to walk, the doctor prescribed Methotrexate, which, at the time, was experimental. It took about six weeks to notice a difference, but it worked. I have been on it ever since. Now, I do know that it causes liver damage, and I have my blood work done every six to eight weeks. I have had no problems thus far. (I do have a glass of wine every now and then.)

When I first wanted to have a child, the doctor recommended that I be off of Methotrexate for two-three months before trying to conceive. By the second child, that was greatly reduced. One warning, though. My AFP tests (for birth defects) all came back bad. However, I believe that the protein that is the subject of the test is processed through the liver. That might explain the test results. Both kids turned out great! I had a liver biopsy, and the most the doctor stated was that the results were what they expected in a person who had been on methotrexate so many years.

Don't let the meds scare you. There are side effects, but you can adjust to them. Methotrexate makes me a bit nauseas. HOwever, I take it so that I am out of sorts on Mondays. After all, isn't everyone:) ?