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Since I was looking all over internet for info on HSG I will post my experience. Especially since it's a good one, most of what I read were horror stories.
So, I took 2 hours before a Feldene Flash (piroxicam), it's a strong painkiller that my RE recommended. Then I took an hour before 2 advil just in case. The doctor who did the HSG was very nice, he saw how scared I was and injected the dye slowly. Plus, before he gave me a small injection with anesthetic for my cervix.
I can honestly say I didn't feel a thing, the IUI hurt more than this. So, if the doctor is good and you take your painkillers before, it's a walk in the park. If not, I don't want to guess!
I had some bleeding afterwards (I bled on the floor when I stepped down from the table, that was scary) but it stopped soon. I do recommend not to go alone though, I was very worried and having my DH with me helped a lot.
Initially I was programmed for a sonohysterography, that is similar without X-ray, but my doctor said HSG is much better for looking at my tubes and I could see clearly on the screen how everything is ok inside there. I am really happy I did it, now let's hope I get pregnant soon!
Good luck to all of us!