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Hi Pepper,

That is a great question. I am at just over 7 months post op from my fusion. When I saw my PM doc this month. I complained that my current meds just are not doing it for the pain, especially since I have started water therapy about 3 weeks ago and that has caused alot of increase in my pain. So, I was given the NSAID Feldene 25mg, the lowest does possible. So I now take that that once a day with my 20mg of OxyContin (twice a day) and 25mg of Elavil. I have to honestly say, I have seen a difference in my "back" pain. My nerve pain is still prettty bad thou.

I am however going to ask my surgeon about this next week when I see him, I am supposed to get more x-rays next week. At 5 months I was told I was about 50% fused. I just don't want something like a stupid pill to mess up my fusion.

~hugs Niki