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Hi- I am dealing with Kaiser/workmens comp case as well. So far so good.

I am going for my 1st epidural on the 12th. My DR. says surgery(ACDF w/fusion)would only have a 50% chance of helping. After lurking around here I think his honesty is refreshing. If the shot(s) do not help he will refer me to a NS.

Never sign off your medical in a workmens comp. case!

Hit in head by freight Elevator last August.
HNP C5-6 Small to Moderate in size, eccentric to the right and right paracentral in location. Associated nerve root displacement especially on the right. Associated effacement of the subarachnoid space @ C5-6. on root nerve.**Can someone explain the above?**

Cervical Radiculopathy.
Chronic Cervicogenic Headaches.

Past Meds:
Elavil, Reglan, Relafen, Flexeril.
Now Taking:
Nortriptyline, Feldene & Trazodone. Vicodin no more than twice a week.
Pnuematic traction unit
zero gravity chair
Scheduled for 1st Epidural 8.12.03