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I was recently diagnosed with DCIS, which, if you have to have cancer, this one is the best one to have, or so I have been told. I am having surgery on Wednesday the 9th. I have decided not to be scared. I have 2 places on my left breast and my understanding is they will take out the tissue (bad cells) until they find good ones. My surgeon could not tell me how much this will be. He wants to put me on Tamoxifen and I know it has bad side effects. It just sucks all the estrogen out of your body and makes you feel tired all the time. Has anyone heard about Femara? I am told it has little side effects, but it is usually given for really bad cancer. I am totally new at this. I am 57 and had a heart attack almost 9 years ago and I know Tamoxifen causes blood clots. Any advise is appreciated from someone who has gone through this.
Thanks .
I have completed 5 years on tamoxifen after bc, and did not have any side effects. Tamoxifen does not deplete the estrogen from the body, it blocks the estrogen from the breast cell receptors. Unlike tamoxifen, Femara ( the new drug recommended for the next 5 yrs) does diminish estrogen. It stops the conversion of the hormones in the adrenal glands, androgen, from turning into estrogen. I am debating whether to start on it . Is there anyone who has been on it yet. What have your experiences been so far?