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My mom had breast cancer twice. The first time they removed the lump but it returned again this time in the other breast and bigger. So she had to have a double masectomy to get rid of the one lump and to further prevent it from coming back in the other breast. She just had the surgery a couple weeks ago. She is doing alright now but is being told by her doctor that they want her to go on this pill called Femara to prevent any cancer that might form in other organs. They said it would cause her bad acheing though in her bones. I know what that is like cause I was on Depot Lupron and Depot Provera, both of which caused me severe acheing in my bones and joints. Its really horrible pain and I don't want my mom to go through it, she doesn't want to either after seeing me suffer with it. I just wandered if anyone knew about this drug, like maybe have been on it or know someone who has that could tell what its like. They say it will decrease her chance of cancer ever coming back somewhere else in her body but both me and my mom don't really think its worth the suffering of the acheing, and specially because they want her to be on it for 5 years. I couldn't even stand it for 3 months so I don't know how she will be able to either. Please any advice or knowledge on this drug would be really appreciated. Thanks!

I have been on Femara for over a month and have no side effects so far. My oncologist started me on Arithmedix and I could not take it...it made me extremely nervous and I thought I was going to jump out of my skin. My oncologist told me there were other medicines if I could not take the Femara. Different medicines have different effects on people...she may not have the aches and pains. Maybe she should try it for a while and if it doesn't agree with her, she can try another one.
Thanks...I think thats what she should do too is try it and if it doesn't agree well with her maybe her doctor would let her try something else. Her doctor though told her if she didn't take the Femara or couldn't that he would want her to go through chemotherapy but I know she doesn't want that for sure.