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Hey Beppie.....I had invasive ductal ....found out with regular mammogram. I was less than 2 cm. and stage 2. I had the lumpectomy....didn't stay over night and was driving the next day....wasn't surpose to...but I am single and hate to ask people to do things for me. I did 33 days of radiation and I will tell you, you will get tired.I did teach during that time. I am on Femara and it does make me tired and achy, but I feel blessed that it was caught when it was....it could be worse. You will find that BC survivors are strong and supportive people...I have a friend who is a 20 year survivor. I found everyone that were involved...drs. rad. nurses were absolutely wonderful. They will do a sentinel node test during surgery to see if the lymph nodes are involved. It's a dye and travels to the first 2 lymph node and they will test those. It sounds like it was caught early and probably none are involved. KD just had a lumpectomy and she'll be on the board. It's normal to be upset, but it could always be worse! Come back to vent, if you need to...we have all been there.
sure Beepie, Mine was 1.5cm, but according to my path report there was also another area, which apparently the mammo had not detected..after surgery my doc said "its a good thing you choose a mast, because there was other cancer elsewhere". Thats just my experience, everyone has their own, but just thought I should share that info with you.. I have read recently that women should have an mri following sugery, again this wasnt offered to me, but I can now understand what a positive that would be.
Being that your cancer is hormone positive, which means that estrogen fed the tumor, allowing it to grow, they probably will put you on tamoxifen or one of the ai's, aromasin, arimidex or femara, all depending on whether you are pre or post menopausal at that time..some women talk an injection to shut ovarian production, and others like myself choose a hysterectomy. I stopped menstuating for over a year after chemo, thats why I started on tamoxifen, and after 2yrs had the surgery and switched over to aromasin, after having some issues with side effects, I then switched to arimidex which, for me, doesnt seem as bad.
My sister in law, who takes femara has been on it for 7yrs and is still continuing...my onc told me that I will have a total of 5yrs hormonal therapy(I have one year to go) and unless further studies indicate benefits of continuing..he will take me off after the full total 5yrs.
Beepie, I know its all confusing..but your doing a great job!! You are taking charge, investigating and learning so you can make the best decision for you.. and you are arming yourself with info that will help you!
Anything at all that you want to ask is fine...there really arent any limits..I came here and continue to come so that I can offer help from my experiences..I didnt seek out that kind of help,but recently, Ive found many sites on the internet, for getting good info, kindness and places where I can express my feelings and concerns, and other women would know exactly how I felt..and that is an awesome feeling!! I am only sorry that I didnt look around earlier on..like you from the beginning..

Thinking of you Beepie!!
Hey Beth. I posted a reply yesterday, but who knows what happened to it! I did have a lumpectomy and did not spend the night at the hospital....sort of like a drive thur! I drove the next day...wasn't surpose to, but had a couple of things to do. I took 33 days of radiation....I will tell you....it makes you tired, but I taught while I was taking it....the process you are talking about I don't know about, but have heard of it. When I was told I had BC, I was so brave.....I suprised myself!! My mom had it when she was 81 and went through it , so she was my inspiration. It was only after all the treatments that it really hit me.....I found it was like the stages of grief. The realization hit me. We have Cancer Services and they offered a program called Survive and Thrieve and it was just what I needed. I met some wonderful people and my eyes were opened at how some young people at age 16 faced and fought the beast. As for Femara, I don't know the time limit. I have only been on it a year. I know it is 5 yrs most people stay on it. Did they say when you will have surgery? I know you don't think so right now, but you are very fortunate that they found it so early. Along the journey, you will meet some extraordinary survivors...they will give you inspiration and strength...as will we.