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Hi Marla-

I am a breast cancer survivor as well, 2yrs out. I go to another site where they list several things you can take.
Many women find alot of relief with effexor, which is an antidepressant but also works to minimize hot flashes. Some women are rxed gabapentin ( nuerontin) which can be used "off label" for hot flashes. Others try evening primrose.

I myself have had alot of trouble with hot flashes, but they have settled down some in the past 6 mths. I tried nuerontin for a few mths but it made me feel weird and dizzy, so I just use natural remedies. this is what helps me some and other survivor's as well:
-Avoid or limit caffeine, as this will make it worse.
-Avoid or limit wine, " " " " " "
-Wear layers and only natural fibers, like cotton.
-Keep room air low and rooms well ventilated, so as to not get overheated.
I do really well at about 72-73 degrees, but the minute a family member turns the AC above 73, I can feel it immediately.
-Keep ice water next to your chair or bedside.
-Use fans.
-Exercise. - You will notice less hot flashes on days you exercise.

Best of luck.
I have only 3 more yrs of my anti-hormone med, Femara, thank God.:)
Thank you for your helpful hints - I know I should be grateful that I've beaten breast cancer and that I'm a survivor - but as you have sited - the hot flashes are just miserable - I seem to get almost one an hour anymore - I have tried evening primrose, and something else that is primarily for incontinence and I am now taking bella donna - none of it seems to help - I've heard really negative things about the effexor and neurontin so I'm really trying to avoid those -
You mentioned that you go to another site for advice - can you tell what that is ?
Also - I noticed that you said you take Femara - can I ask how old you are ? Because I was told because of my age I had to take Tamoxifan -

I've been hearing lately that accupuncture might help as well - have you heard anything - either positive or negative ?
Thank you again !
Hi Marla-

I don't think this board allows us to post web sites but if you go on the web and type in breast cancer, you will find a couple of big sites with many, many discussion boards.

As far as tamox vs Femara, it is true if you are premenopausal, they only offer tamox. You are not supposed to take any of the arromatase inhibitors like femara, if you are premenopausal. - Anyway, I was premenopausal at 48 when dxed and now 50.

I am certain I would still be premenopausal and feeling great without hot flashes or any other menopausal side effects, BUT, since I have a family hx, my onc felt it important that I take shots to "shut down" my hormones, like an artifical menopause. I did not have chemo because my recurrance risk was very low, but instead went the anti-hormone route, since as you know hormone positive breast cancer cells, feed on hormones.

Anyway, hopefully, you can find the br ca site I go to. - but stay on this one as well, if you can. - I have learned alot on here as well and talked with many wonderful ladies.

i know its tough, but it WILL ease up. it may seem like forever. i'm 7 yrs out, her2positive +++ Stage 3a (upgraded from Stage2b) etc. BUT, everyone around me was informed what it was like for me, and everyone assisted me. I kept fans close by.. handheld, and electric. we invested in a small a/c from Walmart for 90 bucks. i dressed in layers, because i was hot AND cold. my heat came from the outside in. when someone saw clothes flying off me, fans instantly came on, people would fan me. cooperation from everyone in the family was wonderful.

I had a/c chemo, rads, was on Tamox and Femara. My menopause was chemo induced (i was 46). And really, i know it may seem difficult, but it will help you to have a sense of humor. oh, and water. keep water nearby!