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Thanks for responding. I am overweight. I wonder if that is it. I am also 50 am in menopause. I can not believe that being mildly overweight can cause all of this, but I have read the same thing. I will find out the results of the spinal fluid tests on march 8 and post then.



hi . i am 33 yrs old and have been diagnosed with intercranial hypertension. its basically too much spinal fluid in the head. ive been admitted to kings college hospital,london for spinal taps which were very high readings . i am on 1000mg acetolomide daily but the increased intercranial pressure has shrunken my pituitary gland which has caused a condition called empty sella syndrome( this was revealed by mri scan). all this was diagnosed by me rushing to accident and emergency with numbness in face and swelling.my headpain is awful and i use a fentanyl patch for this as prescribed.i too am overweight but losing lbs now but the condition can blind if extreme without treatment and unfortunately has affected my eyesight so please be aware. x:wave: