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  1. My Story
    ... stomach the Doxy). He also switched me from Percocet to Fioricet for the killer headache (I didn't like the feeling ... work due to the extreme headaches and being on the Fioricet to treat them (I have a lengthy commute and work around ... machinery). My headaches got so bad that taking the Fioricet wouldn't even help them, so I went to the ER again ... recovery. Well, no relief at all... I was back on the Fioricet and still out of work. I did attempt to return to ... doctors at MG stated that I could continue using the Fioricet and to follow up with my PCP and possibly see an Infectious ... Disease Specialist and to get a prompt refill on my Fioricet . Now at this point I had been taking (2) x Fioricet ... Finally seeing that I had become addicted to the Fioricet , I decided to stop taking them and replace the treatment ... relieve the pain in my head/neck. Also, coming off the Fioricet is horrible, ask my wife!! The first day I stopped ... I had never experienced before. I've been off the Fioricet for 3 days now and the withdrawal symptoms seem to ... subside then I will have no choice but to go back on the Fioricet . The not knowing what is causing the headaches is...
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