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I have felt terrible the last couple of weeks in my stomach/bowels. I am bloated, pain in the middle right under breastbone. I went to GI doc today and he was worried about an obstruction (especially with all the painkillers) and I had my gallbladder out 20 yrs ago. He sent me home with Flagyl, Quarzan (Clidinium), pepto bismol tabs, Nexium and did blood tests, ultrasound and examined me. He thinks there is no obstruction just a very sore stomach/bowels. Anyone else have this problem after surgery? Also my legs and feet just ache and drives me nuts. Last nite the GI doc had me take Milk of Mag, glycerin supp. and that awful green bottle of Mag. Citrate. I laid on the bathroom floor all nite, getting up and down off the stool, bending to clean up, what a strain on my back. Almost nothing came out except brown water but I haven't eaten much for a couple of days because of the pain. Please tell me I'll get better, please let me just wake up one morning pain free.