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It's always hard to place cause and effect when there is are different meds flying at you from all sides.

But just to answer the direct question: No, you cannot expect the effect of any blood pressure drug to be effective 3 weeks after taking it, probably not even after 3 days!

The flexeril (which I hate like poison) can be causing MANY of your symptoms....it'a really TOUGH drug to tolerate for many people. SOMA (carisoprodol) is a much kinder muscle relaxant IMHO but all the docs are very quick with the flexeril prescriptions.
Thanks for replying Zip!
Ok, I have been off Flexeril for 3 days now, so that hopefully is over. My hubby got tired of me putting off the bp check, so he came home last night with a home moniter that does bp and pulse, and it was 140/85, which I don't think is too bad, but waiting on my dr. to decide what to do.
Zip, I should prolly put this question on the heart board, but I pretty sure you read both, so here goes...
My pulse was 104, and literally, I was sitting on my toush and resting, doing absolutely nothing stressful for a good 10 minutes before he checked it. I had taken my Toprol XL, 50 am and 50 at dinner as always and this was about 3 hrs after dinner. Should it be that high? I was a little nausous and getting a few screwy chest feelings, but I didn't tell hubby that. He thought that was too fast, but didn't bug me about it. I know I should ask my cardio, but frankly don't have to see him for 3 months and reveling in that fact! :jester: Background, I have what the cardio thinks is just normal sinus tach, since my event moniter showed nothing, course nothing happened when I was wearing it either :rolleyes: , and I have had a "normal" echo, and stress test, but my cardio isn't very forthcoming with sharing specific info re: the actual stats, by thinking they are over my head. Obviously he doesn't know about the information superhighway, :rolleyes: but I digress. Your input as well as any others are most appreciated!
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