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Hi Ron--ours is called Flomax, once a day, sounds like a drain cleaner doesn't it! Anyway, another bad day today, back to the ER and now the catheter again, for a day or two, and a new medication to cut the inflamation. The doctor says he hasn't had a case like ours in 300 surgeries, aren't we special? It appears that the irritation caused by the catheter caused pain which causes the spasms, which constricts the flow of urine, which requires a catheter, which causes pain, etc. etc. etc. Hopefully this new medication will do the trick. We are just a tad tired, and my husband is worn out, to say the least. However, this should not have any negative effect on the overall outcome. Bye for now.
Hi again. My husband says thanks for all the help and information. Progress report: It has been two weeks since the last catheter was removed, the longest he's gone without one since surgery 8 weeks ago, so we feel like he is turning the corner. He has a couple of questions about incontinence. He does really well at night, probably because he isn't moving much, and less well in the day. The flow isn't really strong, and some pain in the tip of the penis still. (He really was sensitive to the catheter and it seems to be taking a long time for healing to take place.) Still on Flomax. Is this typical? Any thoughts?
And rfi-glad to hear you are urologist free now, there is hope for us!
What is the difference between a basketball player and someone who has had prostate surgery? One dribbles then shoots, the other shoots then dribbles. Bye for now.