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Hi justinluck,

You are very young to have this type of problem. Find the TOP urologist in your area or however far you're willing to drive, to get a bulletproof opinion. They can run quick and easy tests for all sorts of things nowadays. I had it, but it started at age 53 for me. I was put onto Proscar and Flomax and that did the trick! My PSA eventually went up and now I have prostate cancer and will get that out of me on April 5th via robotic surgery. Just get checked because it's probably something that can be treated easily, especially at 24! Good luck and let us know how you do.
John in CA :)
Justinluck-Ask your doctor about Detrol, Detrol LA, Ditropan XL and/or oxybutynin. These agents can often calm the bladder, relaxing it and decreasing the urge to urinate. That is assuming nothing else is wrong.
Haisook-Proscar is a tablet that inhibits the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone(DHT) which is the active & more powerful form of testosterone. DHT causes overgrowth & "congestion" of prostate tissue. Flomax is a capsule that relaxes prostate tissue & some bladder tissue so urine can pass more freely through the prostate via the urethra. Less tissue & less "tone" of the tissue equals better urination.
Positive4U :)

When my frequent urination and urgency problem developed, my family doc sent me to the first urologist and he did the full DRE exam, ultrasound of the bladder, etc. He concluded it was BPH, along with an atonic bladder, and popped me onto the Proscar & Flomax which are pills. They had me back to normal within three days! I then monitored everything for about ywo months, and switched from the Flomax to Uroxatral due to retrograde ejaculations, a rather annoying condition I did not enjoy! The retrogrades disappeared, but the urine stream did decrease a bit, but I could live with it. Meanwhile, my PSA gradually crept to 4.1. My uro doc suggested a cystoscopy, which is a "real hoot!" NOT!:eek: It allows a peek inside the bladder and prostate. All was normal. Whew, I thought. Then my PSA went north to 5.4 and I was ticked that it was allowed to go so high with no suggestion at 4.1 to get a biopsy. I was then referred to the top uro doc in Santa Barabara, and he was totally "dialed in!" He performed another DRE from hell, found nothing and suggested the 12 needle biopsy. :eek:Another "real hoot!" Believe me, after both those tests in both ends of the of the body, nothing is bad anymore! :-) I'm back onto the Flomax, and things are flowing well and no urgency is there. I have the prostate removed in 11 days via the City of Hope National Cancer Center robot and the top uro doc who does only robotic surgery. I'm ready! :-)