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Here's a post i just left in the urology forum regarding a problem i can't figure out. i think it might have to do with the prostate b/c of a slight pain i feel in that area...thanks.

what's up guys...im a 21 yr old male, otherwise healthy. i've had a problem that so far doctors cant figure out.

about mid february, i started having this frequent need to urinate. it was most intense after actually urinating, so I frequently had to run back to the bathroom to empty out what was usually just a drop or two. no pain, i just had to pee all night and day. it felt like urine was filling my eurethra, and i was going to drip into my pants...it was horrible. i went to a urologist, and after examining my urine, he concluded that i had ghonnorrea. after i took 5 days worth of the antibiotics ( which made me feel HORRIBLE), the official STD test returned, saying that i was indeed clean...the doctor apparently made a mistake. i went back, and they gave me some ditropan, as well as cephalexin to treat any possible infections (even though my urine was apparently not showing signs of infection). over the next month or two, i went back, with no significant improvement. without any tests, he suggested 1 time that it was stress-related, and another time he suggested PVC muscle exercises. Now, like 4 months later, the problem is still here, and i've yet to figure it out. i've had two prostate exams, which i guess came out ok, even though i told the DR it was painful. it was my first prostate exams, so i didn't know how it was supposed to feel though. anyway, it seem to still be worst right after i pee, and it gets worse throughout the day. some days, i can hardly notice it, other days it's rediculous. i also took flomax for a week, didn't seem to help either. ANY SUGGESTIONS???
side note, it just occured to me that during the week that i though it was ghonnorreah, i noticed my semen was quite yellow...i just figured it was the STD, but now i'm thinking it may have had some significance....

anybody that could help, i'd love you forever!! i can't go on like this...