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My husband was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate over a year ago and immediately sent to a urologist. They put him on Flomax..and after a few months with no improvements doubled his Flomax. That barely took the edge of the urinary problem and did nothing for bladder retention issues as shown in several ultrasounds. After biopsys, ultrasounds, probes and other painful proceduresin over a year time, there was not only NO IMPROVEMENT but as of 3 months ago impending surgery to reduce the size of his prostate.
I did some homework on the herbal route and we put my husband on a very specific food plan as well that we had used years ago (it was just a hunch I had to why his prostate kept getting bigger..) Not only did his frequent urinary problems nearly cease within a month, but the improvement continued with the Flomax reduced to half!. Well, at his Dr. visit yesterday, he came out with flying colors...bladder retention at 45ml down from 350ml! Prosate now lime size instead of a Hebrew National! Dr said "GOOD! Keep taking the Flomax" BUT!! The Dr REFUSED to listen to what we had done and told my husband to continue taking the double amount of Flomax!! They TOTALLY blew off what we tried to tell them!
It is scarey...Am I nuts or is modern medicine in the field of business rather than health? I tried to call the Dr..the receptionists would not even allow me to leave the Dr a message and the nurse stated that she had nothing more to say or add to his care plan! I even tried to call before the appt. to let them know what we had done this past 3 months in case there was improvement from the last doomsday visit 3 months ago...and they would not listen before either. (My husband is deaf so I help with communication.)
Has anyone else experienced this??