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Hope some of you guys can help me with this. My husband has been taking Flomax for a couple of years now for BPH (BHP?) and having PSA tests every six months because of high levels. He underwent a biopsy a few years ago which was negative. His last PSA test showed levels of 15 (the previous one was 10). We are now awaiting the results of his second biopsy. So here are my questions:
1. Have any of you ever had (or heard of) PSA levels of 15 that did not turn out to be cancerous?
2. If the results do show cancer, does surgery usually follow quickly or does it depend on the grade and stage? I'm asking this because we have a trip to Las Vegas planned in about six weeks and my husband insists that he is going to put off any surgery until after that (which I think is stupid and dangerous).
3. What kind of books/websites can I read to learn what I need to in order to support him emotionally and understand what he is going through? Even if the test is negative, he is convinced that the fact his PSA levels are increasing means he will get cancer eventually. From other posts on this board, I made a note of the American Cancer Society prostate cancer support group called Man to Man and a book called "Dr. Patrick Walsh's Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer." Would those help me understand what he is going through? (He's not likely to read the book and definitely won't go the support group route).
4. After reading some of the posts on this board, I am now concerned that maybe he actually had cancer which the first biopsy needle missed. Do you know of times that actually has happened? And if so, did it mean the treatment had to be more aggressive?
I would really appreciate any help you can throw my way. I'm trying to remain calm for his sake but am having nightmares about his dying and am freaking out about it. Thanks!