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They should have put you on Flomax.
The doctor circled t2c B2 in the cancer book. This involves both lobes. What would flomax do for me that uroxatrol doesnt do? Just an update. AT 13 days out, I am feeling a little better now. I still have to urinate every 30 mins to 1 hour. This is mostly a problem at nite, where it interferes with my sleep. Much of the dark bleeding has stopped now. My wife and i tried sex yesterday, and although it was pleasurable and firm, i now know what a "painful" orgasm is.... I am going to be optimistic and hope that the pain goes away with time. Do any of you have any experience with "Painful" orgasm?
Uroxatrol is equally effective as a smooth muscle relaxant. Its downside is that it is more expensive and its upside is that it doesn't cause retrograde ejaculation, as flomax often does. My experience with catheters is that it causes a lot of bladder irritation and then the bladder calls for more fluid (from body tissue). After removal of the catheter I was putting out huge volumes of urine. After about a week it settled down and I got back to normal. Frequent urination is a very common side effect of brachytherapy. I would not use overactive bladder meds - you don't want acute urine retention. Be thankful that erections are still normal, despite painful orgasms! It is typical for there to be some loss of potency after seeds.