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[QUOTE=jack demayo;3300125]I thank you for your response. My question is, is it normal during radiation treatment to get burning sensation during urination and sever pain during sex. My Dr. said it;s common but other patients I speak too said, it not common with them. Any opinions?

I have direct experience with proton beam radiation therapy (the best treatment in my not-humble opinion). In about the third week, I did experience weak flow and some pain on urination, as well as frequency.
After about a week using Flomax (2 a day in my case), drinking cranberry juice, and taking ibuprofen, I just about got back to normal. I expect to go to 1 Flomax shortly, and probably won't need that after 3 or 4 weeks post-treatment.
This side effect occurs because there is inflammation in the prostate from the treatments and that puts pressure on the urethra. Pain during sex is sometimes an issue, but that's less likely.