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I am a 47 year old male and was diagnosed several years ago with a weak urinary flow. I had prostate gland checked 6 month ago and this is normal and my PSA level was 0.52 6 months ago.

My problem is that I wake up 3-5 times a night as there is pressure on my bladder and secondly due to my weak urinary flow I have a bit of leakage after I urinate.

My Urologist suggested that my only solution would be to have an operation where he will make an incision in the bladder neck and this will improve the flow and prevent leakage after urinating and also prevent leakage after ejaculating.

The Urologist prescribed Flomax, but It made me feel light headed and my energy levels dropped.

Are there any natural products on the market that I could use that will relieve me of these symptoms or is surgery the only option?

Is there anyone out there that can assist me.