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[QUOTE=tumbleweed;3542625]Thanks daff.

I chose brachytherapy over other non-surgical (I was not acceptable for surgery, having had previous pelvic radiotherapy) because (1) I believed the side effects were minimal and (2) the convenience of having it all done in one go instead of a series of sessions, so I am curious to know what side effects you turned up against seeds, which I seem to have missed. It is too late now for me to do anything about it - the seeds are there, but it would be useful for my future progress if I had foreknowledge of anything to expect.



I'm not sure I turned up a lot of possible side effects that you may have missed-- the literature is somewhat conflicting. Some of it says that the urinary, sexual, and bowel problems would be similar to those after external beam radiation. Other reports are that there can be a greater problem with incontinence in some of those that receive brachytherapy. It seems that the skill of the doctor plays an important role. Benefits of course are that it's relatively quick and easy to get this done. I had concluded that proton therapy was more likely to lead to fewer side effects than external beam radiation, so if brachy was to lead to side effects similar to external beam, that was a reason for me not to explore it (or external beam radiation) more. Also, my prostate was a little large for the standard brachy, so I would have needed to do brachy in conjunction with radiation or try to shrink the prostate via medications. I completed my proton treatments last November- the basic side effects I experienced were a couple weeks of urinary-related issues (about three weeks into my treatments--weak stream, some burning, urgency) but these were relieved with Flomax. About three weeks post-treatment I was able to discontinue that medication for good. Hopefully any side effects you're still experiencing
will not last too much longer.