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[QUOTE=corynski;3664795] ...my personal feeling is that the Proton Therapy has fewer side effects, and the recovery is much easier.

The cost of HIFU is much less than protons... I don't have any idea if insurance would cover all or part.

Question 1: there really is no "recovery" per se for proton treatment. Some with higher risk cases choose to get low-dosage chemo once a week during the proton treatment (seems to improve overall results, but too soon to tell- they're studying a control group on this subject) and these men can experience some side effects from that, especially late in the treatment timetable. But most don't have any recovery to consider. About three weeks into the treatments, I experienced a very weak urine stream, a little burning, and higher frequency-- that's fairly common and after a week or so with Flomax, those problems seem to disappear. I stayed on Flomax for about three or four weeks following treatment and then discontinued totally. Sometimes I wake up once during the night, other times not at all. That's a big improvement from before treatment.

Question 2: I don't think insurance covers HIFU because it's not approved at this time by the FDA.