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Hello all. I feel this way too. I have allergies and have had 2 sinus surgeries. After my 2nd surgery in October, I have constantly felt "woozy" or "foggy" headed. Sometimes I feel like I had a few drinks. My vision even feels somewhat blurry at times.
My ENT has no clue what it is but my allergist says it is sinus related. I been real depressed over it cause nothing brings relief. When I go into a shopping mall I feel so foggy that I cant see right and it makes my brain feel like its in slow motion.
I have had many medical tests from blood tests, CAT Scans, MRI of brain, tympanogram, vision tests and hearing test. Everything comes back normal. I will be having a ENG soon to see if its inner ear related.
I hope something helps. The Rhinocort, Flonase, Zyrtec, Claritin and others have NOT helped. Feeling spaced out is so lousy. Not to mention it causes my anxiety on top of it.
Well, I pray that a solution comes soon because the quality of my life has been nill lately.
God bless everyone suffering. Lets all stick together on this. You can email if desired.

BTW: Isn't it amazing how most doctors are cluless about these types of problems? I had to tell my ENT to order the ENG and do the tympanogram. Its really scary...today you have to read all you can and learn on your own.

Brian C.
I have had allergies forever.

've been on zyrtac,flonase,antihistimines and i find that decongestants irregularly treat my symptoms best.

I have allergies to dander,pollen,mold,ragweed and inhalants.
I also have food irritants.
These reactions have also triggered panic attacks.
As a matter of fact,
my old doctor related the two.
First one,then the other.
If there is a trigger allergy,
vice versa.