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Hello :wave: MaryAnne,

I am sorry that they you still have not gotten your CT Scan results. You are really in my thoughts. I have also had that twitching eye thing and it is very annoying. I never brought it up to a doctor because it comes and goes for absolutely no reason. My husband has also experienced this.

It is good to hear of a surgery that worked for 11 years if you know what I mean. I am sorry that you are having problems again. When I went to my ENT I had gone because of a sever sore throat. He found the cause to be from my reflux and had to put me on steroids which I hated. I also take a nose spray, Flonase and I think it is great and never miss a dose. I never went into detail with him about my sinus problems because I did not want anymore testing as that is something I can live with at this point. I never had any burning sensation.

Gosh, you sure do have a medical history. Please don't get mad at me, but you really should keep on track of certain condition's and make these appointments. I would not take a chance with those cysts becoming to large. And our yearly thing is a very important thing. Like I am one to talk as I went several years before I finally went. But age is wisdom and wisdom is knowledge, or something like that.

You sure do keep yourself busy. I have purchased many items on Ebay. I spent almost all my bill money one month and haven't gone back since. I just kept bidding on all these low cost items. Then I would go and see what I won. My only problem was I didn't realize their was a page 2 and a page 3 of my winnings. So needless to say I paid for it all dearly.....

I do hope that you have a good night.