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Just seeking a little reassurance... I noticed that my 3 year-old niece (she'll be 4 in April) had some dark circles under eyes all week; she didn't look completely well. My sister (her mother) and I thought it might be because she hasn't been sleeping enough - she refuses to take afternoon naps, goes to bed fairly late at night, and wakes up relatively early - but otherwise seems healthy, so we didn't think too much of it. However, the dark circles got much worse upon waking this morning. They are very slightly puffy, and are a prominent purpleish-pinkish color. It was quite a shocking sight, and she looks very sick, but she does not behave like she is ill.

Her mother promptly took her to the doctor this afternoon, and I don't feel satisfied with the doctors "diagnosis." The doctor looked in her nose and said it was a bit swollen, and that this inhibited my niece from breathing totally freely, which in turn causes the dark circles under her eyes. The doctor thinks it's most likely due to allergies, though she performed no additional tests. She prescribed Flonase to spray once a day, and told my sister to either get rid of the carpet in the house or vacuum frequently, and to throw out any stuffed animals my niece has (which is next to impossible).

The doctor didn't think my niece has asthma, though she does have a somewhat chronic, though very slight, weeze sometimes. Also, she has a very sporadic, mild cough. She does seem a tiny bit congested or stuffy most of the time, so perhaps it IS allergies...? And she gets sick fairly often with what seems like the common cold all year round, though we just figured it's just what happens with kids, especially if they go to school (she goes to daycare/nursery school).

Otherwise, she seems healthy... she's playing and running around normally, eating well, very animated per usual, and happy (except when she tired, she gets extremely cranky). But I'm still worried, because I can't get the image of how she looked today out of my head; she just looked SO sick, yet the doctor did not even order up basic bloodwork just to be safe - though I don't know if this sort of testing is normal protocol with young children.

Any thoughts? Should we just set our mind at rest and trust what the doctor THINKS it is with hardly an examination? Any input would be appreciated!