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I really feel for ya jaekers. I've been on shots since i was 8, and at 23 I still get them once every 2 weeks, but they dont help me completely. I've been on everything from zyrtec to flonase. I do highly recommend the Neil med sinus rinse or hydropulse irrigator.

I had septoplasty (didnt do much) and they cleaned out one of maxillary sinuses (big whoop!)

This lead me to getting a food allergy test done, about one month ago, called(ELISA). It tested for 90 diff foods for $175. It was very beneficial to me b/c I was experiencing high delayed reactions to a few foods which I ate regularly (Whey, eggs, coffee bean, and sesame). I went to a homeopathic doc. Even my allergist told me to go for it b/c of the number of foods it tests for.

Also, my homeopathic doctor tested and is now treating my thyroid (not quite as optimal as it could be) b/c it can cause a host of problems, including allergies. (Im trying to get to the root of my problem, instead of just treating the allergies themselves b/c thyroid "could" worsen them). If you are ever going to get tested for that u need a tsh, ft3 and ft4. even if ur tsh is normal, as mine was, your ft3 and ft4 may tell a different story.

That is why if ur allergiest/ent are not getting the job done for u, I would go to a homeopathic doctor b/c they will do the food allergy testing as well as treating your body as a whole, not just symptoms.

Do what u feel is best, but I just wanted to try a different approach b/c I was not getting anywhere with the mainstream doctors.