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Having not bought Sudafed for a while, other than the other day, I can not remember what I paid when it was OTC. However, $11.99 seemed higher than before. Next time I think I'm going to ask the doctor if he has any other sugestions. I tried to look through the my insurance drug formulary, but I couldn't even find any decongestants listed! Yikes. :p So I'll have to ask next time. :p

I also noticed that the perscription he wrote does not follow the instructions on the box of Sudafed, and both are 30 mg tablets. He said to only take one every six hours as needed. Out of the box, I was taking 2, every 4-6 hours. I think noticed he also changed my Flonase perscription. But at least I got a refill...an am thankful I didn't have to go all the way to the allergist. He changed it 1 spray in both nostrils, once a day. Which is what I was doing anyway for the most part. But the allergist said use it twice a day, which I didn't unless I was dying. :p

This is the first sinus infection of the year for me...blech. I hope fall and winter are kind to me. We shall see. :p