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hi i don't know if this will help you any but it's worth a shot- i have terrible allergies-year round-i'm on allegra for the last 10 years and i also take flonase- what helps tremendously is ENTsol -a saline nasal spray that clears out the sinuses 123! anyway i'm just trying to show you that i'm an allergy sufferer and know the pain and havoc it wreaks on the whole body- yet may i suggestthat if you are dizzy as well have your iron levels checked. i woke up so dizzy for a couple of weeks and finally had a blood test and they found my hemoglobin had dropped to five and that was causing my dizziness and memory problems etc i don't know if it applies to you but it might be worth a shot- good luck you have my total support!!:wave:
Can I relate to you!! I am 24 and I am also allergic to ragweed, dust, trees, and all that good stuff. I feel just like you I dont want to leave the house!!!! I take allegra 180, flonase, and saline spray. although it doesnt take away the symptoms completely it does help the symptoms! defentily see and allergist.