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Hey guys,
I just wanted to know if other feel the same way that I do. I know I am allergic to ragweed and some other stuff. I live in central fl. I have been feeling really fatigue, i want to sleep all day and i get dizzy. But the dizzyness is like im on a boat. its the back and forth and sometimes the forward n backwards. is there anything to control it?? I get it more when i am standing still or sitting down. So annoying. I am on allegra, and flonase. I recently was on astelin and levaquin. But got really bad from both so I stopped it. Way to hyper on the astelin and the levaquin left me all tingly so annoyed. My NEW ALLERGIST says i have a sinus infection but i dont have any yellow or green and i dont think he really took the time to really look at me like my old allergist used to. He would like stick all the tools up my nose, ears, and throat. I felt like I was being checked. Anywho does anyone else feel like that and also can the computer cause it to get worse?? i heard that to. I do know that once the humidty goes down and the weather becomes cooler I feel SOOOOO MUCH BETTER!!