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Hi all.. I found this site right before crowning myself as the allergies queen. I'm at the end of my rope with thi allergies thing!. I've had allergic rhinitis (sp?) all my life usually related to stress or weather changes.. I lived with it because it was more like attacks then and self contained, usually lasting a couple of days and stopping there. After I got married at 28 they got worse and the worst being during pregnancies. First sign/symptom of pregnancy was both times breaking out in hives, and then awful seasonal allergies. I used carityn during pregnancy with my second/last child. 4 months after his birth I was diagnosed with peripartum cardiomyopathy (believed to have a strong autoimmune component). that was diagnosed after surviving sudden cardiac death, and I had a stroke 5 days later.My son is also very allergic and had awful eczema as a baby.
These past years I have taken: zyrtec, allegra, claritin, clarinex, singulair, flonase. astelin, etc to treat seasonal allergies with varied results.
I was diagnosed with Graves disease (autoimmune thyroid hyperthiroidism) last year..and it all started after a severe start of seasonal allergies.
Now I have a new extremely annoying thing going on: I get awfully itchy legs when walking outdoors and a runny nose. I tried taking allergy medicine 30 mins before going on the walk but it doesn't seem to help. I've also gotten really itchy and warm hands/feet.
I've been under care by my internist but I'm wondering if I'd benefit from an allergist/immunologist expertise?.
I'm always very careful not to visit a specialist right away since I've not had good experiences with their limited view of the human body. So far my internist has been amazing but allergies have gotten on my nerves lately..the itchiness on /in my legs is more than I can handle (messes up my mind, and affects my quality of life).
Any input is more than appreciated..and sorry it got so long!
At first it was allergies to something in the environment but now it seems I'm allergic to myself!!!