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GLSheridan, I'm curious why had to start using it after surgery? The reason I ask is because I think I may need it again. The surgery really helped me breathe better and completely eliminated my sinus headaches, but now I've noticed that I have significant drainage.

I was using Flonase prior to surgery, but I wasn't having any relief with it (though, I do think that surgery was necessary to find relief; the Flonase just couldn't do it's job). Immediately after surgery, my ENT prescribed Nasonex to keep things "clear." My allergist says that I can take my Zyrtec as needed now, but I must use the Nasonex everyday. It does seem to help on days that I'm a little congested. I just don't want to take any chances and have to go through surgery again!

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Did you like the Nasonex?

I've had no problems with it. No side effects at all. I prefer it over the Flonase, too.