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I am sorry to hear about your daughter's allergies. But you might be intested to hear about my allergy story and learn the alternatives to control your daughter's allergies.

I used Flonase and Allegra for 2 years at the direction of my doctor. It took a couple of years, but I was able to determine that the joint pain that I frequently felt was due to these drugs. I quit taking Flonase and Allegra, then tried anti-oxidant supplements, which an article in Self magazine said could relieve allergy symptoms. The anti-oxidants didn’t seem to help, so I went back to using Flonase and Allegra on those occassions when my allergies were really bad. Of course the joint pain returned too. Later, a friend said that my anti-oxidants were probably not a very good quality. I tried the ones she told me to use, and haven’t quit using them since! It’s been two years, and I feel great! I haven’t used the drugs anymore, and my joints are back to normal. I felt that this was really worth sharing, since I was frustrated by this for so long. Here’s where I get the anti-oxidants now:


Look for the one called Proflavanol 90. If you have similar symptoms to mine, then I hope this helps you as much as it helped me.