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I am a 26-year old female that has been dealing with very weird symptoms that i believe are all stemming from allergies. I suffer from severe dizziness pretty much every day for the last 4 months, burning sensation type pain that moves around throughout my head, popping feeling in ears, pressure and fullness feeling in head, sore neck and other muscles in the body , naseau, tingling and weakness in my lower legs almost as if when I stand I am going to faint ( but I never do ). I can deal with sneezing, the tickle in the throat, itchy eyes, runny nose, but this is driving me crazy!
I have been to the doctor's & ER so many times for this they think I'm crazy. I 've had an MRI of my brain and sinuses (nada), chest x-rays for shortness of breath (nada), EKG's, bloodwork you name it, they say I'm perfectly healthy.
My family and doctors just say it's stress and that have anxiety, but who wouldn't have anxiety over waking up everyday of your life dizzy and just not feeling well all around. I've been on Allegra D, zyrtec, claritin, flonase, singular, saline drops for dryness, NO RESULTS. I am lucky if I've had a good nights sleep in the last 4months just from the stress of not feeling well. I even had a doctor tell me that I may be suffering from a herniated disk, or trigeminal neuralgia which they prescribed nabumetone 500 mg ( anti-inflammatory) and flexerill ( muscle relaxer), that I took and it did absolutely nothing for me . My muscles were still sore everyday and i still wasn't sleeping well at night. My fear is that I will keep being misdiagnosed and suffer with this thing that I got going on forever, and it scares me that I go to work everyday feeling like this( i work in a prison , locked in a dorm with 60 inmates alone). SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
I am so relieved , I think , to find other people who have the same symptoms I've been living with . I'm pretty sure that I've had these symptoms for 2 years and they are progressivly getting worse . I am extremely light headed and dizzy especially when I turn corners . I also have pressure behind both ears and in my ears . Earaches . My vision, at times ,seems messed up too . Because of all of this and never really feeling quite right it is interfering with my job . It's very difficult to feel confident when you feel so screwed up . My decrease in self-confidence has now led to anxiety & panic attacks . Basically I'm afraid I'm going to faint or fall over on the floor when I wait on customers . So because of this fear I'm not able to do my job . I just want to cry . I finally went to my doctor and she said that I have fluid in both of my Eustacian tubes & perscribed Allegra-D and Flonase nasal spray . I took them both for 30 days and felt a tiny bit of relief but not great . As soon as I stopped taking both scripts I got pressure and noises in my ears again . I'm frustrated , anxiety ridden and scared of how long I'm going to have to live like this . I don't know what to do next ,it's affecting other areas of my life too . I'm now having trouble walking into stores because I feel dizzy and have to walk slowly and am afraid of falling over in front of somebody .

Please help me !!!