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I'm so glad you dropped in. I've been wondering how things are going. I know you are at your wits end, because like you said, it's very upsetting when your child (especially an infant) has any kind of respiratory condition affecting their breathing.

You and your wife sound like wonderful, caring and loving parents and I totally understand why you feel the need for your wife to take a leave of absence to be with your little one.

There are medications like Pediacare, musinex and such which can help with the nasal congestion, but I'm not sure that they make infant formulas. I know they make them for children who are a bit older. My son uses FloNase which helps with keeping the nasal passages from being inflamed, but again, that is for older kids.

When he was an infant, my pediatritian told me that dropping a tiny amount of saline solution into his nostrils would help keep things moist, but I just could not bring myself to do it. You are doing the right thing with the cool mist humidifier. I ended up having to set my son's humidifier just outside of his bedroom door because his room was a bit too small for the humidfier and it could have caused more problems had I left it inside the room.

I do wish you all the best of luck. Please continue to keep us informed. We are here for you!